Thursday, October 6, 2016

Assalam u alaikum

Finally , the wait is over ! I have been planning to blog since a long time but what would you say it was my procastination or time constraints to type !

Well well, today I am here to update kids progress of what they are upto these days .

Ds Y , has been a very active child mashAllah . I have been observing him since he has turned 3 this year . He is someone who loves to mingle with people on his moods but loves good company regardless of any age or gender . He loves to play with vehicles for hours . His all time favorite activity is to touch and play the textures whether u call it sand or play dough or water or beans and what not !  Now the new thing I have been witnessing that he secretly peek out from our eyes and does something which we can never think of ! For example here I go :

I caught him red handed on kitchen counter when he poured all of the red sand bottle ! Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!😣😫😖

Once I saw him taking someone's glass of cold drink on his tip toes to his room so that no one sees him of what he is upto

Caught him all alone in the balcony with the small chair he dragged from his own room

Etcectra !

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sorting colors in Arabic !

Alhamdulillah Y enjoys color sorting activities!
This resource was made at the time of my eldest daughter , reusing it again !

Monday, December 28, 2015

Our little explorer !

Lately , our little champion is able to do some playful activities through which he is learning colors , names of fruits , insects and much more . We showed him some books related to the topic of insects which we bought from sale at the time of his big sis ! He shows keen interest and gets delighted whenever he see hands on activities in books too .

Fine motor skills are also getting refined by holding a tong and catching insects through it and matching them with their respective cards ! Plus how to place marbles with his tiny hands on the dolphin rubber mat .

These days , he is trying to speak full meaningful sentences mashAllah , in this way , he explains to us that for which activity he is in the mood to do.